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Since 2018, Life Yuan Group has invested in the construction of Life Yuan Health Industrial Park in Changsha Wangcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone. The total investment of the project is 0.5 billion yuan. The total area of the park is about 50000 square meters. It will build finished new drug research and development, special medical food, collagen production The base and Hunan Life Yuan Pharmaceutical Headquarters Base can achieve an annual output value of 1 billion yuan after it is put into production.
The project is divided into three phases. The first phase of the project was started in 2018 and officially put into use at the end of 2019. The total construction area is about 23000 square meters, including experimental building, medical warehouse, canteen dormitory, guard room, sewage station, etc.; the second phase of the project Including collagen workshop and special medical food workshop, with a total construction area of 13000 square meters, construction started in June 2019 and officially put into use in November 2020; the third phase of the project includes the national experimental center of special medical food.

50000 +

Square meters of park area

10 +

Ten thousand level cleaning operation area

5000 +

tons/annual production

100 +

More than professional technical team

In Changsha Wangcheng National Economic and Technological Development Zone, Life Yuan has built the first batch of special medical food and collagen production workshops with leading technology and professional equipment in China.


The use of the most advanced equipment, the use of automatic central control system to ensure the orderly operation of the production process.


The total area of the special medical food workshop is about 8300 ㎡
The total area of the collagen peptide workshop is about 4000 ㎡
Collagen peptide set capacity: 5000 tons/year