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Hunan Sunmyan FSMP Bio-tech co., Ltd

Hunan Sunmyan FSMP Bio-tech co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Hunan Sunmyan group, with a total investment of CNY 500 million and a planning area of 53,000 square meters, is a modern food enterprise integrating research, production and sales. The main products are collagen peptide and formula food for special medical purposes.The production line adopts international advanced equipment to realize automatic control, intelligent and standardized operation, and has quality testing instruments that can test all raw materials, semi-products and finished products, so as to ensure the stability and reliability of product quality in full procedure and provide a strong guarantee for the high quality of products.

Sunmyan workshop is equipped with the most modern equipment and automatic central control system to make sure all production procedures are in order.


Area:53000 square meters

10 +

100 thousand grade cleaning area

5000 +

Production capacity: 5000 tons per year

100 +

Professional technical team of more than 100 people

● The area of the FSMP workshop is 8300m²

● The area of the collagen peptide workshop is 4000m²

● The production capacity of collagen peptide: 5000 Tons / year.